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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 8

THING #18-Online Productivity Tools
I visited Zoho Writer to see what it offered.  It's an interesting site, like WORD online.  I think it might have more uses for those with scientific needs.  I think that for me personally, I can do about the same thing with WORD and a wiki.  Zoho offers a wiki form also. I also took a tour of Google docs. It sounds like you can make a document and then post it directly to your blog.  That would be neat.  I've had trouble posting to this blog a few times when I did my post in WORD and then copy and pasted to  They weren't friendly and I ended up typing my post again directly into the blog post.  Perhaps Google and Zoho have a more blog friendly relationship! The Google Sites tutorial made creating a website sound very easy.  I'm afraid the line between website and wiki becomes a bit blurred for me.  To me, this is a site that acts as a website but is also a wiki. 
THING #19- Check out Library Thing
I learned to use Library Thing just this last summer session for my YA class at Clarion.  What a wonderful tool.  I love seeing the pictures of the book jackets, being able to check out the reviews, and organizing my books in categories that work for me.  For my poetry lesson I added 7 books under  5th grade poetry unit, assessible at I have learned so much this semester and will have to spend some time updating my YA collection.  I didn't understand about tags last semester.  I used the tags column to record prices which also had to be included in our YA project.  Hm...prices are not a good tag!  I will have to work on that when I have more time.!

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