Artzy Librarian

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 2a

I've called this Week 2a because I know I need several attempts to master this week's assignments! I began with an AVATAR. First I had to look it up. I discovered it's an icon or cartoon character that I could put on my website. I even discovered through that there was a linked site, that could help me make one! I got busy reading and listening to tutorials and HOURS passed! I made the greatest video with this character I called Artzy Librarian, and I even got her talk. After dinner I spent another 3 hours trying to figure out how to put her on this site. It seems that only accepts certain video, from Google and uTube. After listening to more tutorials from and SitePal, I decided I would try to save the video "person" as a file and then upload her. Hm...I was able to upload her but know she doesn't talk. I will continue to work on this, as well as the registering on another day. If anyone has thoughts about how I could upload a video that only wants me to save it as an embedded file, please let me know!

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