Artzy Librarian

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 4

THING #8 RSS feed(I realize I was counting them but how could anybody else be really sure which task I was on. Hm...hopefully it's obvious but I'm going for easy to understand!)
Okay, I signed up for Google Reader. I had fun exploring some interesting suggested sites and am following, well, too many. I went in today and a site I thought was good yesterday now had things I definitely had no interest in so I unsubscribed. RSS seems a bit like reading the paper and a magazine all at the same time. I will have to be selective. Also, there's a bit of an "information overload" at the present time on my Google Reader site. I will be tweaking it this week and commenting later on this post For now, I've begun!


  1. I like your analogy that having an RSS feed is like reading a magazine and a newspaper at the same time. I had fun specializing on Twitter where I only follow the information I really want and then click on the url attached if I want to know more about the story.

  2. I love your talking avatar!!! Way cool.

    I agree it's information overload. Sometimes I just have to mark all the feeds as "read" and move on. It's too much to keep up with AND do grad school work!

  3. I agree -- very cool! Share how you did it

  4. Here's how I got my Avatar to work with sound and motion, finally! I began by visiting and making an avatar. They let me choose hair, skin color, makeup, dress, and scene. Then I got to add a voice. (I could have selected a voice that the site had.) Then you go to publish. This is when you are now in Oddcast's site. I'm not sure when it changed, but it did. Anyway, I couldn't get it to work on my blog. I was working with Oddcast's help and they said it should work. Hm...Well if it should work then I figured I should be able to do it. Countless hours later, I did. The secret was where I tried to put it. Yes, it's a gadget but I tried to add it as a video, or a html, or a picture. What worked was adding it as a text. That was desperation. I would not have thought that would work.