Artzy Librarian

Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 5

Thing #10: Exploring online image generators

I tried several sites that were given to us.  Comic Strip Generator was fun.  I made several comics and labeled them.  However, I couldn't seem to copy them or send them to my blog.  So, I wasted lots of time.  I imagine that if you join it might be easier?  I was trying to go the free road. I explored a few other sites and really enjoyed Image Chef where I made a crossword puzzle.  This might be fun to do with a book cover and do one piece at a time, with a clue, until a student could guess which book was being displayed!  I attached my picture above.  I also went to and then to "Motivator".  From there I made a poster which was fun.  I've included it also. These were a lot of fun.  I wonder how this is different than a mashup?  Can someone explain how or if it is?

Thing #11:  Web 2.0 award winning sites
This was a lot of fun!  I went to several sites.  I tried to stick to educational and related sites.  I visited The 1st place winner in the books category called Lulu, which allowed individuals to actually design, print and publish their books.  It was good but I really enjoyed which was the 3rd place winner, . This was created by Villanova University Library and was an alternative catalog, able to be modified by it's users.  I enjoyed parusing through this one.  I also liked Mango language, , and actually did the 1st free lesson in French.  Bonjour! This was the 2nd place winner in the Education category.  This was a very informative lesson.  I look forward to working on Thing #12 next!  I will post it later!


  1. I love your images! Very cool and creative. That Lulu site looks great too. I might have to try it one of these days...