Artzy Librarian

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 3

Ooh...this is a fun week! I've been exploring mashups! I've been to Flikr which is a social picture site, kind of like Facebook with more connections to picture sites. My favorite link is a mashup with Smilebox. Flikr works with Smilebox to let you create all sorts of things like videos and posters. I created the attached video of the land that we are going to purchase to this site and to my Facebook site. It was quite fun to do. All of this takes up SO much time, though! I start, get involved, look up and HOURS have passed! I am looking forward to playing with some more mashups for this week and will either add a discussion or a post. I hope the rest of my classmates are enjoying this as much as I am. I'm actually thinking this might be a way to make my avatar do her talking....Hm...I will wait until I've got my reading done for my other class and work before I begin that one. I can see hours slipping by because I have a hard time passing up a challenge! (Even if it's made by me!)
Thursday...I've added to this weeks posting, and will again. I am giving up on posting my avatar with motions and voice from SitePal. I WAS able to get it in a Power Point slide but I can't figure out how to post that into So, I will explore something else. Too many hours, I have to know when to throw in the towel!
Friday...I have completed the last task for this week. I tried something new! I went to and made a "poster". What fun! I was able to use the pictures from the Flikr account and play with them. What I did was use an Easter picture of my daughter's dog, Candy, and add ears and a saying. Then I was able to put it in this blog by using the picture symbol on the editing bar! What fun!


  1. Valerie your poster is great! Your daugher's dog is so cute and the caption is hilarious! What fun, great job :)

  2. Thanks Erin! We truly do have a mushroom addict/grass grazer for a dog. She LOVES them!

  3. definitely motivating you to succeed. What do you see as applications for librarianship?

  4. Posters to promote an author visit, or another event in the library could be made with photos from students (w/permission by parents to publish of course!). Students love seeing themselves and their friends in print, who doesn't? I also think contests and other activities involving the library could be presented in this way.